Over the years we have invested in new products Studying what the market needed, we made our molds for the realization of:

8agon: durable adjustable structure

This is a new generation system that, thanks to a special locking hook, allows you to position the tray at the desired height so as to adapt to every need.

Being a modular structure, the columns can be cut to size, in this way you can create what we need, for example a children’s desk, a shelving or a display.

ICE.ME the plastic cup with ice soul

Another product invented and made by PLA-Stampi is ICE.ME, a glass that allows you to have ice directly in contact with its interior walls.

The ice thus takes a new shape.With this technique the drink cools down much quicker than with a simple cube and being ice very compressed, it melts with more difficulty.

1/4 1/6 DI PALLET durable display

The durable display 1/4 of pallets and 1/6 of pallets is a product that is presented in 2 versions, one small and one large. Its name is inspired by its size because, during the shipping, it allows you to optimize the space on a standard 80x120 pallet.

It is a customizable display and suit to any product because it can be in any color.